The cannon is a weapon featured in the Pirate Pack available for $2.17. The cannon is one of the weapons in


Cannon loading page

Gun Club 2 which features the Gun Club 2 Shooting Range.


  • The cannon is reloaded with items chosen by the user. They can choose to put in a stack of gunpowder or a cannonball.
  • The user must use the rammer to push everything to the back of the cannon, in which case a rope will be inserted into the rear of the cannon to act as fuse. At this stage, the player spawns fire at wherever he taps. The user can either press the fire button to ignite the rope automatically or tap the rope manually. At least a stack of gunpowder and a cannonball is required to shoot.
  • When the user put more than 4 stacks of gunpowder and a cannonball inside, the cannon will explode into a "banana peel".
    Cannon banana peel

    "banana peel"

  • The user can put up to 6 cannonballs inside the cannon, and that will cause more cannonballs hitting The Wall, creating a bigger hole.
  • The cannon has the ADS feature to make shooting the Shooting Range brick wall more accurate.
  • The user can tap the rear of the cannon and drag upward to make all the cannonballs fall out.