IMG 1199

The Glock 18's loading screen


The Glock 18 is an Austrian made pistol which is free with the Base Set of Gun Club 2. It was released as a free weapon at the same time as the SWAT Pack update, therefore it has a SWAT themed loading screen.

Photo 17-08-2011 13 14 34

The Glock 18 in-game


  • Firemode selector for switching between semi and fully automatic fire
  • Trigger
  • Slide
  • Slide lock/release
  • Usual Gun Club features including Slow Motion and Unlimited Ammo.
Photo 17-08-2011 13 15 09

The Glock 18 being fired in fully automatic mode


The Glock 18 has one attachment, the XT-120 - a torch - which attaches to the bottom rail in front of the trigger guard. The XT-120 can be enabled in the accessories panel.

Photo 17-08-2011 13 15 44

The Glock 18's attachment screen. The XT-120 can be seen the background


There are 2 known bugs for the Glock 18.

  • Shaking device while firing in fully automatic mode causes fire rate to rise considerably (iDevices)
  • The slide lock can be temperamental and sometimes will not release the slide properly, consequently the user will then have to manually chamber another round. (iDevices)