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The HK416 at the loading screen

IMG 1169

Gun Club 2 HK416 with holographic sight, foregrip and infrared attachments.


The HK416 is an assault rifle featured in the Gun Club 2 Spec-Ops Pack.


  • Working charging handle to cycle the bolt.
  • Ambidextrous firemode selector for safe, semi and fully automatic fire.
  • Adjustable stock.
  • Manual reloading.
  • Adjustable barrel length.
  • Usual Gun Club features including Slow Motion and Unlimited Ammo.


IMG 1170

The HK416's attachments menu

The HK416 has an array of attachments which are usable via the options menu. Attachments can be attached to the upper, mid and lower rails and the stock can be changed.

Table of attachable accessories:

Upper Rail Mid Rail Lower Rail Stock
Reflex Sight Infrared Grip Extendable
Holographic Sight Torch M203 Grenade Launcher Fixed


Infrared and torch Nothing n/a
Nothing (ironsights) Nothing n/a n/a