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The HK417 at the loading screen

IMG 1171

HK417 in-game.


The HK417 is a 7.62 x 51mm rifle featured in the Spec-Ops Pack. The 417 has 3 variants, all of which are available in app, they are: Assaultier, Recon and Sniper. The variants consist of different barrel or handguard lengths.


  • Working charging handle to cycle the bolt.
  • Ambidextrous firemode selector for safe, semi and fully automatic fire.
  • Manual reloading.
  • Different variants changeable through the attachments menu.
  • Usual Gun Club features including Slow Motion and Unlimited Ammo.


IMG 1172

The HK417's attachments menu.

The HK417 has a multitude of attachments which are usable via the options menu. Attachments can be added to the upper and lower rails and the stock can be changed. The weapon's selected variant can also be selected through this menu.

Table of attachable accessories:

Upper Rail Lower Rail Barrel Stock
Scope Grip Recon Fixed
Holographic Sight Nothing Sniper Adjustable
Nothing n/a Assaultier n/a